Philips/PANalytical X´Pert Pro-MPD Powder Diffractometer

Philips/PANalytical X’Pert Pro-MPD Powder Diffractometer








  • Powder diffraction with Q-Q-Bragg-Brentano geometry (2Θ ca. 5° – 100°), gracing-incidence powder diffraction (GID, incidence angle>≈0.2°), reflectometry
  • X-ray source: Anode Cu (Kα)
  • Running Parameter 40kV, 35mA
  • Filtering of Kβ, soller collimation
  • Primary optics: Goebel mirror, slit system
  • Sample environment: various sample holder systems as reflectometry stage, Eulerian Cradle …
  • Detection system: semiconducting stripe detector (X’Celerator) or Gas ionisation counter (Miniprop)
  • Variable step size
  • optional: capillary optics