GISAXS on phospholipid bilayers presented by “EAM Science meets Fiction”

In the framework of the “EAM Science meets fiction” event of the cluster of excellence “Engineering of Advanced Materials” (EAM), our GISAXS measurement of highly ordered DMPC phospholipid multilayer structure (cf. picture) will be presented by Lisa Lautner.

The sample was prepared from solution by doctor blading on a silicon wafer and measured at our SAXS/GISAXS instrument VAXSTER to obtain a detailed understanding of the structure and structure formation of lipid membranes. The event “EAM Science meets fiction” aims to create a bond between science, art, literature, and the public. The scientific contributions will be presented in an open exhibition together with literary works. Thereby, the contributions leave room for imagination but also explain quite incidentally science to the general public and provide insight into the research topics of the EAM. The exhibition will take place from mid of September until end of October. For further information please refer to science-meets-fiction and Lisa Lautner.