Real-time GIWAXS/GISAXS studies

Real-time GIWAXS/GISAXS studies reveal details of the formation and post processing processes of active layers of bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells. In three recent publications deep insights into thin film structure formation is presented and the impact of GIWAXS and GISAXS methodologies for in-situ observation of thin layer processing is demonstrated. Two of the publications are accompanied with cover art work of the journal’s issues.

The latest article by Thaer Kassar reports about Fullerene Intercalation and has been published in Solar RRL.

Detailed insight into the complex drying behavior of PCBM/pBTTT-C14 active layers could be achieved. Marvin Berlinghof disentangled the crystal structure of active layers of small molecule structures within state-of-the-art organic
photovoltaics and the effect of solvent vapor annealing. Some time ago, Marvin also reported on a new experimental setup for real-time XRR, GISAXS, and GIWAXS studies of thin film formation and post processing

Congratulations and many thanks to the great interdisciplinary teams!