DISCUS Supplement

DISCUS Supplement

The DISCUS program is a unique tool to simulate disordered crystals and to calculate the single crystal and powder diffraction data as well as the PDF. A particular strength of the DISCUS program is its ability to simulate nanoparticles including their organic shell. Further tools are under development to improves particularly this last aspect. The program is open source current releases are found at: DISCUS Releases. The development page is located at DISCUS Source Code. Further information is also found at the DISCUS Wiki.

DISCUS workshops in Erlangen are a regular event.

The DISCUS programm is best run using small macros with instructions for the simulations. Here you will find a set of such macros that are used for teaching purposes.

Set of teaching macros: LECTURES_2020_0130

Set of presentations that explain the background to these macros: PRESENTATIONS_PDF