• Stellenausschreibung: Untersuchung aktiver Schichten organischer Solarzellen27. May 2020
    Für die Verstärkung der AG Nanomaterialcharakterisierung (Streumethoden) des Lehrstuhls für Kristallographie und Strukturphysik (LKS) der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) suchen wir eine/einen Doktorandin/en (TVL 3/4 E13)…

    Carola Vogel

  • Real-time GIWAXS/GISAXS studies10. March 2020
    Real-time GIWAXS/GISAXS studies reveal details of the formation and post processing processes of active layers of bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells. In three recent publications deep…

    Carola Vogel

  • 5th CENEM Summer School for X-ray Scattering3. August 2019
    How can nanoparticles or thin films be characterized using scattering methods? These and other questions were answered in the 5th CENEM Summer School for X-ray…

    Carola Vogel

  • SAXS/SANS: Interview with “Welt der Physik”29. May 2019
    A worldwide unique instrument (SAXS/SANS), developed and built at ICSP, allows simultaneous small angle scattering experiments with neutrons and X-rays at the Institut Laue-Languevin (ILL)…

    Matthias Weißer

  • New instrument enables simultaneous Neutron and X-ray investigations on nanoparticles15. April 2019
    Structural investigations on nanoparticles are typically performed either by X-ray- or neutron scattering methods. A new device now couples the two established investigation methods for…

    Heidrun Brückner